Welcome To Turtles And Mountains and More!

HI!  I put this community together to post and RAW (not subbed) shows featuring Kamenashi Kazuya or Kame(turtle)and Yamashita Tomohisa or Yamapi or Pi or P or Tomo....anyhow his name is where I got mountain from.

THIS IS NOT A SUBBING COMMUNITY, this is a place for the raws that match the images and gifs that hit my twitter feed.  I may also upload any commercials I have.

If you use one of the raws I upload and sub it, I would like to be able to add a link to the entry to your LJ, Facebook, or Dreamwidth (or where ever) community to the post.  Obviously people would have to follow the rules once they get there to join, but the opportunity is there.  Please credit this Community when using the raws I upload.

WARNING! The Files are not always HQ/

FOR NOW- The Membership is moderated but there are no rules for joining, JUST HIT THE -JOIN Community up top..as people do stuff I don't like there will be rules.


KAT-TUN's Schedule Per Johnnys
Yamapi's schedule per Johnnys .net

Retro Project: Cartoon Kattun--will work on Eigo no kiss and yamapis other shows as time goes on it will not be fast and you can usually find this stuff easily if you know how, I just want to put it all in one location to make it easier for new fans.  Some of these episodes may be subbed in English..if they are accessible via google search IMHO they are fair game.  IF you SUBBED any of these episodes I will GLADLY give you credit OR take it down per your wishes, I respect your time and effort.

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Arashi ni Shiyagare 2020.04.04

Looking for Moderators to help, I have a chat program set up to walk anyone new through, please comment below if interested.

- Find old shows
- negotiate with subbers for mirrors. Add those mirrors,
- provide MQ links for those that have slower internet speeds
I will handle the new shows

    Kamanashi appearance announcement

    Finally some new Content!

    Ill be posting this..wonder what Yamapi is doing...